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Farmfed Fisheries



Farmfed fisheries is a division of Southern Green Farming and Marketing Multi-State Co-operative Society Ltd, which is one of the leading agriculture-based society established in 2008.  The Society has its Registered Office at Ist Floor,Thanveer Complex, Near English Church,  Kannur Road, Nadakkavu, Kozhikode – 673 011 and registered under section 7 of multi-state co-operative societies Act 2002, having its registration number MSCS/CR/286/2008. The area of operation includes Kerala and Tamilnadu and is controlled and regulated by Central Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers’ Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Govt. of India


Since the late 1950s, fisheries, especially aquaculture, have consistently increased food production. Kerala and Tamil Nadu have abundant aquatic resources like ponds, rivers, tanks, lakes, and backwaters, making them ideal for aquaculture. This method plays a crucial role in sustainable animal protein production. With the global population expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the demand for food, especially animal protein, will rise. Currently, the world’s per capita fish consumption is 20.8 kg per year. Meeting this demand while conserving natural resources is a challenge. Aquaculture also offers employment opportunities, particularly in rural areas. In India, with a population of 1.27 billion, nearly 50% are fish consumers. Different aquaculture technologies are practiced based on socio-demographic and economic factors. Climate change poses new threats, affecting fish stocks and livelihoods. Government agencies and fisheries institutes are promoting aquaculture through training programs. Farmers increasingly see aquaculture as a profitable venture for additional income.


The Fisheries Division of the Southern Green Farming Society spearheads aquaculture and fisheries projects with a commitment to sustainability and profitability. Our dedicated team leverages the latest scientific knowledge and technology to oversee these projects, ensuring their success. In addition to aquaculture, we actively market fresh, live, value-added, and frozen fish and meat products while offering valuable technical support and guidance to farmers and young entrepreneurs involved in farming activities. Our strategic placement of aquaculture projects across Kerala considers environmental and sociodemographic factors to promote sustainable farming practices. Collaboration is key, as we engage with local individuals and groups, including underprivileged communities and women, to execute these projects. Our culture systems range from pond culture for fish and shrimp to integrated farming, recirculatory aquaculture (RAS)/aquaponic systems, cage culture systems, and biofloc systems for fish and shrimp. We also provide a platform for trading cultured products. Beyond aquaculture, we support household backyard projects like aquaponics, hydroponics, ornamental fish tanks, mini integrated farming, vertical gardens, and biofloc systems to foster sustainability.

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  • To develop methods and strategies for business development of farmed fisheries division-Way forward in Planning and Implementation thereby ensuring sustainable aquaculture production
  • Effective utilization of the available land with water resources for aquaculture which are otherwise remaining idle and thereby ensures business development of the Society.
  • Enhancing the livelihood of the farming community by promoting various fisheries schemes and to improve the income and social security of the farmers by providing guidance and technical support
  • To facilitate the growth of aquaculture production in the state involving societies, groups, and women community.
  • To contribute protein-rich food to the daily diet of the population.
  • To provide a suitable ecommerce platform for marketing of fisheries product.

The projects proposed are categorized into different system based on the present market demand. Project proposals includes:

  • Pond culture for fish/shrimp/Crabs
  • Integrated farming including Agriculture, dairy and poultry farms
  • Brackish water and fresh water Cage culture system
  • Recirculatory aquaculture system (RAS) including Aquaponic system
  • Bio floc culture technology system (BFT)
  • Hydroponic Greenhouse culture system.
  • Farm to Home live fish Sale & Marketing
  • Fisheries Marketing ecommerce platform
  • Fish processing center
  • Fisheries and Agri farming consultation
  • Ornamental fish rearing hub
  • Aqua tourism

The various fisheries projects ensure livelihood security to farmers and entrepreneurs especially benefiting women community by improving the financial background of every household.

Farmfed Vallarpadam Fish Farm Project Karimeen: Fish farming. (Pearl spot/Mullet/Asian seabass)

The fish farm at Vallarpadam is one of few fish farms is Kerala which is following the traditional method of fish farming along with semi-intensive culture. The farm covers an area of 16 acres of water body with multiple ponds. The entire water body is bio secured by fencing and bird nettings and, was pond prepared using the latest scientific technologies.

The common species cultured in the ponds at Vallarpadam farm were the Pearl spot (Karimeen), Mullet (Thirutha), milk fish (Poomeen) and Asian seabass (Kalanji). All the water parameters are regularly monitored and best management practice are followed to maximize the profitability and ensuring sustainability.

Farmfed Vattakkatussery Fish Farm Project Prawns,Shrimp: Fish farming.

It was launched on 14th October 2022. After a successful fish farming of GIFT tilapia, he had decided to culture Tiger prawn and Vannamei species taking into the environmental conditions and considering the optimum water parameters for shrimp culture. to its high market demand. The tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) are large sized stiped prawns found in the shallow west coast of India. Tiger prawn is one of the most popular shrimp species cultured in the world. The other commons species more and more farmers prefer to culture is the species Vannamei. Penaeus vannamei has the potential to grow as fast as P. monodon (at up to 3 g/week) up to 25 g under intensive culture conditions.

The vannamei shrimp, Penaeus vannamei commonly known as white legged shrimp and native of Mexico, central and south America. The white leg shrimps are healthy and nutritious food containing a great deal of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.
One of the vital aspects for vannamei culture is the pond preparation and water quality parameters. A vannamei shrimp lives in the column waters and increasing the depth of the pond helps in increasing the stocking density.

The Vannamei shrimp attain 20-25 g size within 90-120 days at optimum stocking density. As it lives in water column, majority of the stock is harvested by cast netting and drag netting which reduces overcrowding and stress. Production of 6-10 t/ha can be obtained with a survival rate of 80%. The optimum FCR will be 1:1.25. The production yield form 1 ha pond area will be 4-8 kg/m.

Advantages of shrimp farming;

  • Culture period is only 4 months with maximum of 3 crops per year in suitable environmental conditions.
  • High profit levels: Production of 10 tonnes per hectare with optimum stocking density and up to 30 tonnes in intensive systems of production
  • High product value (up to Rs. 350-400/kg).
  • Only tested and certified seeds produced by approved hatcheries are used for farming.
  • Commercial Pelleted feed exclusively meant for vannamei manufactured by reputed companies are used for minimizing the wastage and contamination of the ecosystem.

Farmfed fishhub: Fish & Meat Mini Supermarket

Farmfed fishhub is one of the thriving fish stalls located in the prime location of Kochi. It has been functioning as fish and meat mini supermarket at Palarivatton from 23rd April 2022. The fish hub provides the best fresh fish and meat products with highest quality to the consumers.

Other than the farm to home concept of delivery, express online delivery service is available at fishhub More variety of fishes are also sourced from the landing sites, procured directly and displayed at fish hub for walk in consumers. The fish hub has built a reputation for providing our customers fresh fish and meat at their door steps. Various products include the fresh fish, chicken and meat in different categories and forms. Freshly prepared value-added products are provided to household at owner’s choice. Consumers decision to purchase fish and meat from our outlet determines our quality product.